At the end of 2012, Neat Interactive added Chinese social media marketing to its list of services. For businesses wishing to use social media to reach Chinese consumers, it is important to remember that social media is different in China than what we are more accustomed to outside of China. To begin with, the social networks common to everyone outside of China are not available in China.

Neat Interactive’s guiding principle in online marketing is taking a comprehensive approach to a client’s digital presence. A website, Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest boards and Instagram profile should not be independent of each other, but function and exist together as one whole online presence. The message and voice should be consistent across the entire brand and the audience should be able to jump between online channels seamlessly.

We all know what it’s like to leave a vacation feeling somewhat disappointed in the service or experience we’ve had. Desperate for rejuvenation and relaxation in a mere one or two weeks’ time, holidays come with high expectations for many travelers. And when things don’t go as planned for even the most humble patron, it can leave the hospitality provider on the receiving end of a distasteful online review. But there is a way to head off a runaway negative reviewer in his or her tracks.

When your name is on the line, the well-being of your entire company is on the line. What does this mean exactly? It means a tarnished reputation can be detrimental to marketing endeavors, day-to-day business operations, and future investment opportunities. This may sound overstated, but think about how quickly you get news of a natural disaster, a celebrity break-up, or a tech guru’s latest announcement, and how quickly you form an opinion about those situations.

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