Here’s a freebie: your Chinese social media strategy should include the use of KOLs. Chinese social networking sites (SNS) are not like the social networking sites you are accustomed to outside of China, like Facebook and Twitter. Chinese SNS like Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and WeChat, RenRen, Kaixin and others are unique to China, fully in Chinese, and get used on a scale unlike we see outside of China.

There are over 550 million Internet users and almost every one of them has at least one social media account.

Sina Weibo is the most popular SNS with a user base larger than the population of the USA. Offering both personal profile pages and official business pages, users flock to celebrities profile pages and official brand pages.

When out talking to potential clients, we frequently get asked, how many fans/followers can you get for us? Or, how many hits can you get for our website? Our answer is always “it depends on your objective”. Using digital marketing for business without an objective is a wasted opportunity. Firstly, without an objective there can be no strategy. Secondly, without an objective there are no clear metrics of success. Thus defining an objective is essential to developing a strategy with measurable results.

No one doubts that Chinese tourists are increasing travel abroad. Thailand has directly benefitted from this trend. With a rising middle class, more flights for less, and the popularity of the movie, Lost in Thailand, Thai hotels have seen occupancy surge at every level.

While increased occupancy is definitely welcome, hotels do sometimes struggle with guest expectations, cultural differences and language barriers. It pays for the hotels to adjust to the new reality. As more Chinese visit, they will begin to become loyal to those hotels which cater to their needs, be it on price, quality, value, language, food or all of the above.

Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Pinterest Analytics, and now (drumroll please) Twitter Analytics (pop confetti). We heard it through The Next Web just now that Twitter has given the public access to its analytics platform. Go to and login using your Twitter information. When you have logged in there will be an Analytics link in the top left corner of the screen.

Anyone that has been following international arrivals to Thailand knows that the number of Chinese tourists has dramatically increased. Here is a report from Bloomberg talking about the rise:

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