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Over the weekend I attended a workshop in Shanghai at Xin Che Jian 新车间. The topic was 3D Printing and it was held in a space adequately equipped to make stuff. By that I mean there are cables, wires, pieces of electronics, boxes and all manner of things strewn all over the place. You can tell it’s the kind of place where people get busy. As Lucio, our instructor, put it, this place is about making not talking.

Would you leave your home without make-up? Would you go out to dinner with a stain on your dress or shirt? Would you go out without first looking in the mirror? In most cases, your answer is probably, “No”. Why not? Because your image is important to you. You care how others perceive you. You like looking good.

A brand should think the same way. It should care about its image and it should pay very close to attention to how others perceive it. It should like looking good. So then why do so many brands in Thailand allow their Facebook posts to go live with spelling and grammar errors? A brand’s Facebook page is that brand’s face to the vast online audience almost as much as a website. When posts contain errors, those errors are a reflection of the brand.

To avoid negatively affecting your brand with spelling and grammar mistakes, follow these 4 easy tips:

1. Reread your content aloud before posting

Yes, your brain does play tricks on you. That’s why you should always reread your content before posting. When you are writing content, it is very easy to omit words or make grammatical mistakes. Rereading the content to yourself in a soft voice will usually reveal the errors.

It is unfortunate but true, Facebook does not provide monthly data. Instead they provide daily, weekly (7 days), and quadweekly (28 days) data. Okay, we made that up, but what else do you call a 28 day period? This presents a challenge for those of us required to produce accurate monthly data to our employers or clients. Let’s use Engaged Users as an example of what we mean.

Happy New Year! We wish you all a great 2014, filled with health, wealth and happiness.

Now the story. Neat Interactive is hiring…but first let us tell you why: 

Neat Interactive began in a living room in the spring of 2012 with two laptops and a goal. The goal was, and continues to be, to assist clients in creating and maintaining a comprehensive digital presence in order to create value for their business.

18F, One Pacific Place. 140 Sukhumvit Road. Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand.
+66 2 254 5911
Suite 201-202. 733 Wanhangdu Road. Jing'an District, Shanghai 200042, P.R. China.
+86 021 5290 0351
Hong Kong
14F, Manning House. 38-48 Queen's Road Central. Hong Kong.
+852 5503 6655

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