Facebook Ads has added something new to their ads metrics, Relevance Score. As is shown in the image above, Relevance Score is, “A 1 to 10 score based on how your ad is performing with the selected audience. A higher score indicates a lower cost.” Being that this is a new metric, we have yet to test its relevance to the performance of our ads.

Content Marketing is only good as the story being told. Brand stories are not merely fillers on a website or a brochure, but actual stories carefully crafted to reach audiences at an emotional level. The stories should contain facts, feelings and interpretation of an idea that the audience believes in.

This morning when we logged into our Twitter account @NeatInteractive there was a box at the top of the screen inviting us to view the performance of our tweets in an improved dashboard. Upon a first quick visit, the dashboard looks sleek and clean. We have seen Twitter’s analytics before, but this is an improvement over previous versions. If you want to see your analytics, go to ads.twitter.com and login with your Twitter account.

Google began rolling out a new Google Drive. I just received the notification this morning when I logged into my Google Drive on Chrome. Google says the new Google Drive is faster and works more like we are used to working with files and folders on the computer.

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